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Youth Outreach United  (Y.O.U.)  exists only as a vehicle to enable students from different churches to partner together and participate in reaching out to their campus and community with the message and love of Jesus Christ. Y.O.U. provides young people with a structure where they can explore their gifts and calling while being trained and participating in hands-on ministry.


      WHAT WE DO

We partner with churches, campus ministries, Christian businesses and community organizations to provide volunteers and financial support for local community ministry opportunities. Y.O.U. does not seek to replace or duplicate existing church ministries or organizations, but rather to discover where God is working and direct students to join the effort with other Christians to impact the community.

                          NEWS AND EVENTS

Youth Outreach United Covid 19 Response

We are closely monitoring the Covid 19 outbreak and its impact. Our campus ministries will not meet in accordance with school closings imposed during this time. Our Summer Camps will not meet either. We will reach out to our church and ministry partners to assist them as needed. Wherever it is possible, we are conducting ministry digitally.  We encourage all of you to be prepared but not to panic. Wash your hands and take necessary measures to limit exposure to any illness. 
As soon as this passes, we will be back on the school campuses!

We are excited about all that God has for Youth Outreach United. We wait with expectation of new opportunities to continue to reach students were they are. Thank you for making it all possible as you pray and support the ministry of Youth Outreach United!

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